Audio: Conversation with Erwin Cornelsen


Host: Jonas Cornelsen (right)

Guest: Erwin Cornelsen (left)

I knew living with my grandfather (Opa) would be a learning experience. It’s exciting to share part of that here. Opa and I have had many conversations about the Mennonite Church, its impact on his long life, and its future. With Assembly coming up next week, I asked if he would be willing to do an ‘interview’ over afternoon coffee in our living room, so that some of his thoughts could reach a wider audience.

While Opa articulates many things differently than I would (not surprising given our 74-year age gap), it is remarkable how many core convictions we share. We both desire to see the Mennonite Church remain committed to the way of peace, following Jesus in daily life, and encouraging meaningful relationships at all levels of organization.

Erwin Cornelsen was pastor of Sherbrooke Mennonite Church in Vancouver from 1968-1978. His portrait (left) hangs in the church hall.

You can listen to a segment of our conversation right here, or download the file in mp3 format. The sweet intro music was made by Nolan Kehler:

Audio: Conversation with Erwin Cornelsen