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Original Series (pdf): Introduction and Summary, Our Vision for the ChurchResponse to Future Directions.

Find later follow-up documents in our documents archive.


EVI Around the Web

Here are a few places we’ve been featured:

Do young people care about the future of the church?” by J. Neufeld, Canadian Mennonite 20(7), March 2016

Emerging Voices, Emerging Future” by Deborah Froese, Mennonite Church Canada, April 2016 (also published by The Mennonite)

A New Vision for our National Church” by Anneli Loepp Thiessen (EVI Member), published by Pastors in Exile

Young Adults and the Future of the Church,” Church Matters Podcast, Episode 110 (Host: Dan Dyck, MC Canada, Guest: Jonas Cornelsen, EVI Member)

We were also delighted to be named in four of eight volumes of MC Canada’s Assembled News series: Vol. 2  Vol. 6  Vol. 7  Vol. 8

Mennonite Church Canada embraces unity in diversity at Assembly 2016” by Hannah Heinzekehr, The Mennonite, July 18, 2016

Laments and hopes for MC Canada” by Aaron Epp, Canadian Mennonite 20(15), July 2016



We want to help you find your voice. Individuals, groups and congregations are invited to use what’s here as a starting point. Please fill us in on your thinking and dreaming about our church!

What’s Future Directions? 

The Future Directions Task Force was jointly commissioned by MC Canada and its five Area Churches to offer a recommendation for how the church might re-structure. With the recommendation passing at Assembly 2016. The Task Force has formally ended its work. An Interim Council with representatives from all Area Churches is now leading the process.

Click Here to Visit the Interim Council’s Website

Click Here to find all publications by the Future Directions Task Force

How can I continue the conversation?

The Interim Council is responsible for creating a detailed proposal for a new national structure, to be voted on by delegates no later than July 2018. You can contact them directly, but we are also staying on the scene!

EVI will continue publishing reflections on our blog, and offering other resources. For now, here are some materials that might help get you thinking:

Discussion at our Assembly Seminar

EVI Discussion Questions – We published these questions in early May as another way for groups to talk about Future Directions together. They may serve as a guide, or spark new questions!

Youth Curriculum on Future Directions – A brief curriculum by three Manitoba pastors designed to help youth engage FDTF.

EVI Assembly Handout (pdf) – What we distributed during our seminar at Assembly (July 7), where we led participants in naming lament and hope for our church’s future.

We’re glad to be church with you!

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