Getting Started Online: A Personal Greeting


By Jonas Cornelsen, EVI web guy #1

Hello, friends! The best web strategy is Spirit-led. Welcome to our work in progress.

My name is Jonas. On my better days, I look like the picture above. I’ll be working with Tim Wenger to make your online experience with us top-notch. We decided to go live before publishing our process documents so that those hearing about us at the Mennonite Church BC gathering on February 27 could find us right away.

Next week, we’ll be adding links to the documents we’ve prepared. These will give a sense of our approach to the conversation around change in Mennonite Church Canada, and offer initial thoughts. After that, please keep up with us online and in-person – we’re very excited to lead a workshop at the Mennonite Church Manitoba delegate sessions on March 5. We will be at as many other area church gatherings as possible, and Assembly 2016 in Saskatoon (register now! Be there!).

Contributions from individuals and groups across Canada will shape how EVI moves forward. We hope our site (and this very blog) will become a central space for discussion, with other platforms available to suit our updates to your style. Feel free to let me know how you’d like to connect with us (Facebook? Email? Telegraph?). You can contact us directly here.

A couple hints on navigating the site – links to our documents and blog will be right on our home page, which you can always get back to by clicking the banner at the top. You can also use the sidebar menu; find it via the icon at the top-right corner of the page.

Looking forward to more conversation!



Below – Group members at an early EVI meeting. Discernment can be fun!


Getting Started Online: A Personal Greeting