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We are a group of young Mennonite Church Canada members dedicated to growing conversation on the future of our national church.

After the Mennonite Church Canada Special Assembly in October 2017, we decided to formally discontinue our work as a group. We are grateful for all the support we received over almost two years of work.

Our website will remain active as an archive of our work. Find a link to our closing reflection above.

We started in January 2016 at Canadian Mennonite University by responding to the Future Directions Task ForceĀ final report. (After Assembly, transition work was passed to the Interim Council – check them out!)

We continued sharing our thoughts, meeting with leaders, and gathering reflections on our blog and in workshops.

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10 thoughts on “Welcome to EVI

  1. Todd Hanson says:

    Hi there. I came across this article that has many parallels with international ministries and thought you might be interested in taking a look. There are limits to just how far the similarities go, of course, but the article suggests that the international ministry model proposed by the FDTF is already failing elsewhere. Thanks for all of your work here.


  2. Fred redekop says:

    Thanks for your passion for the church. I went to the seminar this afternoon. I had to leave when it was offered to touch someone and hug them with my lament. I am a pastor and am trained to not touch or hug anyone. I was offended when I was asked to do this.


    1. emergingvoiceblog says:

      Readers should know that we’ve spoken with Fred personally on this matter. We appreciate the reminder to be sensitive.


  3. Bert C Lobe says:

    I participated in the discussion at Conrad Grebel on November 11 but needed to leave early. First, thanks for your readiness, commitment and drive as you animate this important conversation. Second, what does it mean given that all four of the leaders were women? Finally, if our leadership is right in its assessment that we are bound for the wilderness…and have not yet bottomed out, it is essential that your findings about “what we have to fear about change” and what our dreams are for the church be articulated and spoken…loud and clear. I noticed that the Executive Director and Facilitator of the change process were present; is it your sense that they are genuinely listening and hearing?
    God’s speed in this important endeavor as you “hear what the church is saying.” Keep us posted…we care. We must do more than foretell demise…we need vision, and structure, however important, must remain second to this search for vision. Best.


  4. Todd Hanson says:

    I just wanted to thank Bert for his comments and express my feelings of anticipation for Saturday’s Saskatoon meeting. I was surprised when the tab opened displaying my comment from May. Where else are online discussions taking place?


    1. emergingvoiceblog says:

      Hi Lois – we don’t know for sure yet, but we hope to make it there. If we do, it will be after Christmas. Thanks for your interest!


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